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Established in 2012, NiteLifeBuzz.com is a multi-faceted night life company that cateres to events from various cultures. Capturing beautiful people, having a great time, in fun filled environments.

NiteLifeBuzz.com v4 showcases a fully responsive and mobile friendly design using Bootstrap 4, the world's most popular framework. Be it a desktop computer, tablet or cell phone in portrait or landscape modes, the site will respond to your preferred layout.

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Our Experience

Here is a chronicle of our progress over the years, as we continue to grow and push to reach all of the goals we set 10 short years ago.

Jan 2022

Re-launch v4.1

Refusing to become stagnant, we decided to revamp the user experience with a fresh new look using a more robust platform that loads faster & yeilds quicker response times.

Jan 2022

Jan 2018

Focus On Quality

Continuing with our efforts to stay on top & provide the best user experience with a steady focus on delivering quality, NiteLifeBuzz.com v3.6 was launched.


Monitoring Our Growth

With some amount of success, we decided to make some changes in our appearance and how we were seen by the world, NiteLifeBuzz.com v2.0 was introduced.


Feb 2012

NiteLifeBuzz.com v1.0

The initial launch of the company was done toa very small audience with big goals set and plans to reach them.

Dec 2011

The Concept

The idea of putting together an independent event website with no limitations came from a disappointing encounter.

Dec 2011

Upcoming Events

We highly recommend checking out these events if any suit your taste, or are in your area.

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Place your event flyer on our website
Place your event flyer on our website
Place your event flyer on our website
Place your event flyer on our website


We've Worked With

Over the past decade, we've had the honor of working with some top curators of international events. These are but a few of them.


Professional portrait photography services

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This space will display gorgeous samples of our
portrait photography and high-end retouching.
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